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Roberto Ragghianti

Let THREE words:
the first is THANK YOU
you were wonderful, ALL, PERFECT organization, TIMELY, URGE and PRECISE.
Path to the point of absurdity as it was BEAUTIFUL, SPECTACULAR, HARD, AND ONLY INSIDIOUS.
I know you did a Tuscan-Emilia corner did not know, you made me do AMAZING experience that I managed to bring down thanks to you, that you were always there, ready to incite and patients at all times.
Beautiful villages that have made us go through, I saw churches, oratories and panoramic views of breathtaking beauty. Long climbs and swinging filled with fog and rain on Saturday and the sun in the trees, waterfalls and intense aromas on Sunday. Single track descents and breathtaking, designed by gnomes and fairies in the woods of beech trees that seemed enchanted. I could hear the silence, in the green rolling of endless stretches of peace from which dominated the universe and s’avvertiva soon as the presence of man.
I met genuine people like you with whom we enjoyed spending two days really EPIC.
The second and third are KEEP SO ‘…
The passion that you put into what you do is transformed into these beautiful results. E ‘was definitely hard for you too, as well as cycling have set into motion a considerable organizational machine that was daughter of so many sacrifices, of discussions and hard work. But the effort was not in vain because you have received in return the gratitude of all of us who took part in this wonderful initiative.
Thanks Thanks Thanks

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